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Estimated 2014 Year-End Distributions

Westcore Funds announces the following estimated distribution figures for 2014 to assist shareholders with their individual tax planning.


Distributions for the Westcore Funds will be paid to shareholders of record as of December 16, 2014. These estimates are as of October 31, 2014. Estimated Net Investment Income distribution amounts are only being provided for funds that pay distributions annually or quarterly. 


The net asset value per share will be reduced by the amount of the distribution on December 19, 2014. If you reinvest your distributions, you will own more shares, but the value of each share will be reduced by the amount of the distribution; therefore, your total account value will remain unchanged. Likewise, if your distributions are paid in cash, the value of your shares immediately after the distribution plus the cash received will be equal to the value of the shares immediately before the distribution.


The per share distribution amounts listed below are estimates only. These figures are not to be used in the computation of federal and/or state income taxes. These estimates are subject to change. The actual distribution amounts will be posted on December 17, 2014. They will also be available by contacting a Westcore Investor Service Representative at 800.392.CORE (2673) or by sending us an email


Record Date:  12/16/2014
Ex-Date:  12/17/2014
Payable Date:  12/19/2014

Share Class:
Fund Name Net
Investment Income
Capital Gain Per Share
Capital Gain Per Share
Westcore Growth Fund$0.0000$0.9227$2.9108
Westcore MIDCO Growth Fund$0.0000$0.4258$0.9457
Westcore Select Fund$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000
Westcore Small-Cap Growth Fund$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000
Westcore Blue Chip Dividend Fund$0.0079$0.1000$0.4982
Westcore Mid-Cap Value Dividend Fund$0.1744$0.0000$2.0583
Westcore Small-Cap Value Dividend Fund$0.1136$0.0518$1.5641
Westcore Micro-Cap Opportunity Fund$0.0000$0.1437$0.0241
Westcore International Small-Cap Fund$0.0057$0.3218$0.4810
Westcore Flexible Income Fund*Estimate Not Provided$0.0000$0.0000
Westcore Plus Bond Fund*Estimate Not Provided$0.0081$0.0582
Westcore Colorado Tax-Exempt Fund*Estimate Not Provided$0.0000$0.0000

*Estimates of Net Investment Income are not being provided for the Westcore fixed income funds because they pay monthly distributions. You may visit the 2014 Monthly Distributions page to view the actual distributions that have been made year-to-date.

Shareholders electing cash distributions will receive a check mailed to your address of record, along with a confirmation statement on December 18, 2014.  Shareholders electing to reinvest distributions will receive confirmation of this transaction on your consolidated account statement mailed in early January 2015.

Distributions paid on non-retirement accounts are taxable regardless of whether they are paid in cash or reinvested. Westcore Funds will mail the appropriate tax forms, including Form 1099-DIV, summarizing the distributions paid for the 2014 calendar year, by February 15, 2015.

A fund's income from dividends and interest and any net realized short-term capital gains are paid to shareholders as income dividends. A fund realizes capital gains whenever it sells securities for a higher price than it paid for them. Net realized long-term gains are paid to shareholders as capital gain dividends. A dividend will reduce the net asset value of a fund share by the amount of the dividend on the ex-dividend date. View the prospectus for more information.