Medallion Signature Guarantee Details

The guarantee must be a “Medallion Signature Guarantee” and must be signed in the name of the guarantor by an authorized person with that person’s title and the date. The Funds may reject a signature guarantee if the guarantor is not a member of or participant in a signature guarantee program. Call your financial institution to see if they have the ability to guarantee your signature. Shareholders living abroad may acknowledge their signatures at an overseas branch of a U.S. bank, member firm of a stock exchange or any foreign bank having a branch office in the U.S. To protect your accounts from fraud, the following transactions will require a signature guarantee:

  • Transferring ownership of an account.
  • Redeeming by check payable to someone other than the account owner(s).
  • Redeeming by check mailed to an address other than the address of record.
  • Redemption check mailed to an address that has been changed within the last 30 days of the redemption request without a signature guarantee.
  • Redeeming by electronic transfer to a bank account other than the bank account of record.

Each shareholder may request the Funds to require a signature guarantee for redemptions greater than $25,000 from your account by completing the applicable section of the account application or by calling 800.392.CORE (2673). Once this election has been made, the Funds may only remove it upon receipt of a signature guaranteed letter of instruction. The Funds reserve the right to require a signature guarantee under other circumstances or to reject or delay a redemption on certain legal grounds.